Broward County – Giving Hope to those that lost it

Broward County, FL was always an underdeveloped area where businesses didn’t pop up, and people had nothing to do except stealing and begging for money. That, coupled with the lack of interest in helping people that live there created a place filled with homeless people and criminals. This had to change, and Hope organization was the first one to do something about it.

Hope for Broward County, FL was and still is an operation whose goal is to help people get out of the wicked circle of criminal and live sustainable lives. The beginning was hard, but a complex network of groups and organizations came to help, and a lot has changed since the start of the program.

Housing and agriculture – Two pillars of community

The first goal of the Hope operation in Broward County was to get people off the streets. This was only possible by finding them work that would pay and houses where they could sleep. The program created charities that gathered money that went into building cheap homes that were distributed to homeless people from the area. But the number of homeless people was high at the moment, and it wasn’t possible to build homes for everyone in a reasonable amount of time.

The solution for this came in the form of agricultural programs. The easiest way to help people to get enough food not to starve was to teach them how to grow plants. Several agriculture programs helped people learn how to grow various plants. Those programs provided enough knowledge for them to grow food without any expenses successfully. Many of those programs are still running. They teach people how to store food and how to sell it and make money.

Getting people off the street through work

help1The most significant problem in the Broward County wasn’t homeless people, but criminal. Many young adults and children chose criminal because it was the only option they had. Hope program found a way to give them better opportunities.

One way to drive people away from a criminal was to teach them how to run small companies. Broward County was an excellent place for that as there were a lot of people who could learn and there weren’t many companies at that time.

Many young people were eager to learn and soon after many small businesses popped up. This was possible due to favorable loans that were provided by organizations that supported the program. Donations were also a big part of this program as they helped small businesses.

The other way this program got people off the street is by teaching them various crafts and skills. This helped them get work in multiple industries. All this effort is aimed at making Broward County a beautiful place where people feel safe and happy.